AviaNet24 is an outsourcing company providing a wide range of cost-effective services for private and commercial aircraft operators.


For more than 17 years we provide wide range of cost-effective services for private commercial and cargo aircraft operators. Licensed and experienced dispatchers operating around the clock, every day of the year, our enhanced Operational Control Center (OCC) provides support for our clients before and during a flight.

You will avoid the cost and manpower associated with "in house" operations and ensure safe, reliable, comfortable, efficient flights and minimum customer inconvenience during irregular operations.

Each airplane, each flight, each passenger and each piece of cargo is the concern of the OCC.



All services can be customized according the client needs. Your costs will depend of the aircraft monthly utilization. Only one message is enough to get full support.

Flight dispatch

Own management software enables our clients to control the full process of flight preparation, flight monitoring and after flight briefing. Fully fledged in-house Operational Center comprised of experience dispatchers are on your disposal 24/7 to provide:

  • Flight planning (route optimization, computerized flight plan)
  • Pre-flight briefing (complete flight documentation)
  • Flight monitoring and dispatch
  • Dealing with operational irregularities
  • After flight briefing

Ground services

Trough Global network and partnership with FBOs and Fuel suppliers worldwide AviaNet24, no matter of the type of flight, will arrange for you:

At all airports in N.Macedonia (LWSK/LWOH) AviaNet24 is acting as FBO

Fuel & fuel credit

VIP handling

Catering services

Ground transportation

Any kind of special requests

Medical flights, ambulance flights

Flights conducted efficiently, with as less stress as possible for those involved, and with trained, experienced medical personnel on hand to oversee a patient's well-being.

Global network, provides access to a range of accredited operators specialized for medical transport and air ambulance services worldwide.


Airport slots, PPR and traffic rights

Due to apron planning and optimal use of existing airport capacity most of the worldwide airports are required SCR (Slot Clearance Request) or PPR (Prior Permission Required) which has to be obtained before arrival.

Experience in-house traffic rights specialists and wide network, as contracts directly with the authorities are securing clearances in short time frame.

Only click away

Online services

Avianet24 user-friendly platform is making request and payments submission an easy task.

Avianet24 is your gateway for safe, cost-efficient and reliable flight, whether you need flight dispatch, ground services, airport slots, landing and over-fly clearance or just a private or charter flight.

Operations: +389 72 734 308 Sales: +389 71 686 908




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Operations: +389 72 734 308

Sales: +389 71 686 908

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